Ty Beanie Baby Princess 1st Edition!

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Ty Beanie Baby Princess 1st Edition! Description

Even though the Bar Codes are all the same, Do NOT be fooled when looking for the 1st Edition. The 1st Edition Ty Princess Bear SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE THE FOLLOWING DETAILS * Beautiful Royal Purple Polyester lush & plush fur with matching Purple Ribbon. * Bright Green Stem and Bright White Rose * Red & White PVC Tush Tag with Red Star IMPORTANT: PVC pellets were the first pellets! They were replaced with PE pellets. Verified through Ty. Therefore the PVC Tush Tags were created first & were the first Princess Beanie Babies made. Sellers with PE tush tags are incorrect. DO NOT BE MISLED. * Made In China indicated on the Swing Tag * Size 9′ ~ Top of the ears to bottom of feet * Retired December 1997 ~ That’s Correct… * Extremely Limited Edition ~ The China PVC issue is the very first Princess Beanie Edition. Not like the several hundred PE 5th & 6th Editions as seen today on the Internet & eBay claiming to be the First Edition. In December 1997 the PE pellets replaced the PVC pellets. The second edition PE Tush Tag was created. The PVC Tush Tag came first & the PE Tush Tag came second. The Beanie Vendors received both PVC & PE bears for sale at the same time in January 1998. Ty knew that the PVC Princess Beanie Bear was so rare that they only allowed one PVC Bear 1st Edition to be included with eleven PE Bear 2nd Editions for each Beanie Vendor to sell. That’s why there are so many PE Bears for sale & only a handful of PVC Bears for investment. Ty Beanie Baby ‘Princess’ the bear was announced on October 1997 & issued in December 1997 as a charity release for the Princess Diana of Wales Memorial Fund. All of Ty Inc’s profits from the bear were donated to the fund. The Princess Beanie Baby was retired on April 13, 1999.

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