Kyosho Ultima Ready Short Course RC Truck

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Kyosho Ultima Ready Short Course RC Truck Description

Short course trucks are taking the world by storm in America, and are now available as R/C machines made by the most experienced R/C manufacturer in the world. The SC6 represents a couple of firsts in the RC market. Where many other companies use cheaper, lower-quality materials in their RTR vehicles compared to their racing counterparts, the Ultima SC6 uses almost all the same molded parts made for the full-blown racing truck, as standard parts in the SC6 Ready Set. The quality standard is so high for the SC6 Ready Set that using the molded parts developed for the racing kit is imperative. A small number of the less critical parts are molded using slightly different material, but all of the important molded stuff is the same as the race truck. Additionally, the SC6 is the first and only of its kind to configure the chassis with the more aggressive mid-motor chassis configuration. Based on the 2013 Electric Off-Road World Championship RB6 design, the Ultima SC6 has been modified for optimal short course performance from race data and driver feedback. Superior handling performance from the mid-ship layout, smooth suspension movement with big-bore oil shocks, and minimal drive loss due to the gear differential, all combine to deliver the most dynamic performance ever available. Equipped with the newly-developed drive one-piece motor/ESC power unit really packs a powerful punch. It will provide all the power need for most customers, but for the blood-thirsty enthusiasts, the SC6 will also fit component gear, and handled the horsepower of the most aggressive modified motors. The Ready Set comes with a low-slung, pre-cut and printed body. The truck is designed to accept standard offset wheels with 12mm hex hubs and standard tires, so there are dozens of choices of tires if you decide it’s time for some racing. Simply add your own battery to the chassis and four AA alkaline for the transmitter and you can be enjoying the dynamic performance of short course truck racing.

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