Estes Wizard Rocket Bulk Pack (Pack of 12)

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Estes Wizard Rocket Bulk Pack (Pack of 12) Description

The Estes Wizard rocket bulk pack contains 12 rocket kit packets with materials and instructions required to assemble the rocket. It is recommended for children 10 years and older with adult supervision up to age 12. The molded plastic nose cone, body tube, pre-cut wood fins, and self-stick decals allow assembly of the rocket with Level 1 assembly skill and without painting. Additional equipment and supplies are required to launch the rocket, including launch system, model rocket engines, starters, recovery wadding, and glue (all sold separately). This rocket bulk pack has 12 individual packets, which allows each child to experience assembling and launching (with required components) the rocket and is suitable for youth group activities such as with clubs and schools.SpecificationsSkill levelLevel 1, measuring, cutting, and gluing assembly, no paintingAge recommendation10 years and up, adult supervision under 12Recommended engines1/2A6-2, A8-3 (First Flight), A8-5, B4-4, B6-4, B6-6, C6-5, C6-7Projected maximum altitude1,600′ (488m)Rocket weight0.5 oz. (14.2 g)Dimensions*12 x 0.74′ (H x W)Required components (not included)Launch Controller, such as Estes 002220 Electron BeamLaunch Pad, such as Estes 002215 Porta-Pad IIRocket Engine/Starter/Recovery Wadding, such as Estes 001781 A8-3 Engine Bulk Pack*H is height, the vertical distance from the lowest to highest point; W is width, the horizontal distance from left to right.A model rocket kit includes reusable parts, and requires launching equipment and single-use launching supplies. These kits are recommended for children 10 years and older, with adult supervision advised to age 12. Rocket kit assembly encompasses a range of skill levels—from Easy-to-Assemble (E2X), requiring only simple gluing and less than an hour of time—to Level 5, requiring multi-step assembly with measuring, cutting, gluing, and painting tasks. Reusable rocket kit components include a cone, a body tube, and a recovery parachute. A rocket engine, a starter, and recovery wadding are used once. Rocket engines come in a variety of sizes, time delays, and burn durations. A ‘first-flight’ engine recommendation is generally made for each rocket kit. A launch pad has a stable base and a vertical rod that provide vertical stability during initial liftoff. A launch controller has a keyed ignition switch to prevent accidental ignition, and a cable provides a safe distance from the rocket during launch. Bulk packs of model rocket kits are available for clubs and schools, and allow groups of children to experience building and launching a rocket.Estes manufactures model rocket kits, launching equipment, and rocket engines. The company, founded in 1958, is headquartered in Penrose, CO.

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