Cold War: CIA vs. KGB

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Cold War: CIA vs. KGB Description

Product description World War II has left the world in upheaval, and many nations’ futures are filled with uncertainty. The USA and the USSR are the only superpowers who can lead the world toward a better future.Cold War: CIA vs. KGB puts you in charge of a spy network during the post-war era. Your purpose: to ‘persuade’ foreign governments to embrace the ‘proper’ ideology, by any means necessary.Manipulate local factions of influence to get your coup d’?tat up and running. Double-cross and eliminate your opponent’s leaders. Gain prestige for your side by winning the Space Race, dominating the Olympic Games, or ensuring that one of your countrymen wins the Nobel Peace Prize.In this decades-long conflict, victory will go to the side with the resources, conviction, and commitment necessary to ensure that their worldview shapes the future. From the Manufacturer Cold War: CIA vs. KGB puts two players in control of the superpowers of the USA and the USSR. In a covert clash of ideology, politics, guerilla warfare, and dirty tricks, they must establish the dominance and superiority of their worldview and bring about their own vision of the future. Cold War: CIA vs. KGB contains: •12 Agent cards (6 CIA, 6 KGB)•21 Objective cards (15 nations, 6 events)•24 Group cards (6 military, 6 economic, 6 media, and 6 political)•2 Domination tokens (1 CIA and 1 KGB)•1 Balance token•2 Score cards (1 CIA and 1 KGB)•2 Score tokens•1 Rulebook

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